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        Talent Concept

        Talent concept

        In the future strategic planning of Redfeng new energy, the concept of "people-oriented" has always been put in the first place.

        The company will continue to accelerate the reform of talent development mechanism and policy, continue to create a more favorable environment for the introduction, cultivation and development of talents, and strive to build a compound talent echelon that is skilled, innovative, enterprising and open-minded for the future development of the company. The company has established two career development channels of management and profession as the main line, so that all employees can enjoy their proper career development.

        In terms of talent introduction, while ensuring the introduction of a certain number of experienced social outstanding talents, the company also introduces a number of outstanding university graduates into the company every year. As the main object of cultivating future backbone of the company, talents at different levels can also obtain the value of life through their own efforts.

        In terms of talent training, the company advocates the talent management mechanism based on performance, and advocates a series of training methods such as "mentor responsibility system", encouraging staff re-education, on-the-job training and so on to establish a complete talent training system, so that employees can find their own suitable position in the enterprise.

        In terms of salary and welfare, we will constantly improve the welfare management mode that matches the hierarchical management, and establish and improve the salary and welfare system that connects with the market and is competitive within the system, so as to attract and retain outstanding talents.

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